this is our home

the walls contain a resonation, laughter, and conversation.

The Acoustic EP

So we're excited to announce that in the short coming weeks there will be a physical release! The Acoustic EP. An intimate 4 track with none other then the amazing Chrissy McHugh on vocals, the latest addition to the Midnight Horizon circus! Not only that, to kick off the new line up we will be also throwing you a free track very very soon!

Public Service Announcement #87963274

Things that go bump in the night, strange happenings that when thought about don't quite add up? All will be revealed on Tuesday 18th October. So keep an eye or two peeled and watch this space........

tough love and the denver broncos

Good day little insignificant specks of dust on large polar bear skin Nikoli........You is must be wondering what is happenings in world of Midnight Horizon? Yes? Well I am knowing much of intricate clock work ticking and tockings of Mechanism of Doom and you are knowing much less, even less than small insect that inhabit back of Siberian wolverine.........But you is knowing soon..........Yes, soon much light will fall on subject of horror and interest and it shall rise majestically, shaking loose clinging powder snow which coats magnificent beasts fur.........Then a new age shall dawn and you will all being like small pawns in game of, how you say, chezz? Yes, small pawn which gets trampled by rampaging demi god on satin black steed of power. Then, then you shall know of great majestic beast as it greedily crams still warm carcass down gullet whole to be kept in sustenance sacks directly above small, loopy intestine.

Keeping watch you must...................


annandale hotel & inappropriateness

Hey guys and gals! hope you all are doing well on this slightly gloomy Sydney day. Some say that Melbourne has the shit weather, but both Matt and I agree that somehow we've been cursed with the constant overcast! Though don't worry, Matt shall brighten up your day with his inappropriateness! Anyways, to the point! Sunday Drive has finally arrived! Tonight, @ The Annandale Hotel ( 17 Parramatta Rd, Annandale, Across from Annandale Maccas for those of you who have never stepped into the all-mighty! Dale Hotel! ) We're hitting the stage at 8pm sharp, we're late to everything in life except for shows! We'll be hanging at Pub-Cha from 6pm'ish, so we're inviting everyone to come down, and have dinner with us, and if you haven't had pub-cha, your going to be in for an amazing surprise! So hopefully we'll see some new faces tonight! We're always delighted to meet the new folks! And if your coming in early, Don't miss the dividers! They're a bunch of top blokes! and will Rock your socks off! Also, our lovely photographer Julia Trotti will be joining us, so for everyone who shows up, expect to be famous by the end of the week! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha!

See you all at 6pm for dinner, or 8pm for the show!
Take Care.


whipped cream and the annandale hotel

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, just a quick little blog here to let you know that we are all in the best of health currently aside from a distinct lack of sleep and a fair smattering of muscle fatigue. Once again we ventured into the rehearsal studio to polish up on our skills for our upcoming show this Sunday, the 24th of July at the Annandale Hotel.

I feel it is safe to say that it shall be quite a satisfying show, we’ve whipped the new songs into shape and the set list is looking like it shall consist largely of said new songs with a few old favourites thrown into the mix just for the fun of it. So be sure to head on down and say hi, entry is only $5 and as stated in a prior blog, there are plenty of other amazing bands rocking the night alongside us (quite literally! There’s going to be two stages on the night!)

As always, I hope this finds you all in good health and we hope to see you all this weekend.


Facebook Event Page

studio shoot with julia trotti

So prior to our "out of the blue" break, we had a promo shoot with the awesome Julia Trotti
It was a day of many inappropriate shenanigans, but then again, with Matt and Dan in the same room you can't expect anything less. 

ohh, and as mentioned in the blog prior we're testing the new tunes @ The Annandale Hotel on the 24th of July.  

motor boating

Good day and well met kind sirs and fair ladies. Pray tell, were thine objects of great affection sorely missed these past many moons? Hath thou not mused where must the merry trio of Midnight Horizon have fled in exile? Never fear dear hearts and gather forth, for thy sorrow shall surely be banished with news of three weary travellers breaking trail within the shroud of mystery, emerging from the sweet embrace of the forests of darkness!

That’s right! The gears are turning and the furnaces are being fiercely stoked! Midnight Horizon rises once more! I know there are many, many questions and you may have all been keenly missing those of us here at Horizon but never fear, we’re shaking free the cobwebs and tending house and slowly but surely relearning how much Matt can be a bastard!

As of late you will have noticed that all Midnight Horizon related web activity has ceased for a period of roughly four weeks and our manners would be quite horrible if we didn’t explain the recent prolonged absence. Prior to this abrupt and seemingly out of the blue disappearance all three of us had a bit of a meeting and decided that for each and everyone of our sanity’s (excluding Matt and Dan, they long ago lost the battle to hold on to their small segment of the real world) and for the sake of Midnight Horizon as a whole that we were in dire need of a break. The endless tramping to and from recording studios, rehearsal studios, grave yard shifts, keeping the online community afloat and our own lives held together was just simply taking a bit of a toll. Ahh, just kidding. The real reason for the break was Matt's operation!

In the past week or so we’ve slowly been crawling out from our respective rocks, begun actually answering mobiles and texts and emails instead of cowering under our beds sobbing quietly any time, in Matt’s case at least, The Scorpion Sleeps began blaring and we even ventured out into the real world for a session! Amongst this exciting news were proud to announce another little morsel.

On Sunday July 24th, Midnight Horizon shall be stomping the main stage of The Annandale Hotel! That’s right, we were pleasantly surprised to receive an email requesting the adding of Midnight Horizon to an absolutely kick ass line up and we jumped at the chance! Why...? You might ask. Well.... You’ve all been hearing about all these new songs that we’ve been writing and we have decided that the stage at the Annandale will be absolutely perfect to blow you all away with our new batch of tunes along with maybe a couple of old ones. It’s our first chance to road test these tracks live and Matt is gleefully insisting on informing you all that he has taken the liberty of renaming one of the songs and as such, it would be a pleasure for all of you to come Motorboating” with Midnight Horizon.

Immature bastard…….hope he gets an ulcer……...

Third person a bitch ain’t it?

Anyways on with the carnival! With all the fairy floss and ring toss and gut turning, overpriced, funny smelling food you can eat!

Soon we shall post some visual delights that we think will start to curb the MH withdrawal that you must all have been experiencing and as always, you can leave a comment on this blog, check out our Youtube channel and express your disgust at the shenanigans, hit up the Twitter feed for exclusive live updates and Formspring to ask us about all our dirty little secrets.

It feels damn fine to be back if I must say so……….Now, off to pick a fight with a Shetland pony!


typhoid mary

Good day to you all ladies and gentler of men. I know that it has been quite some time since our last blog and I apologise in the delay of our musings and insane utterances. What a past few weeks it has been. Amidst the day to day drama that is jam packed into our lives coupled with our own commitments beyond Midnight Horizon and those in regard to the band itself we have all barely had a moment to ourselves these past couple of weeks. Throw in the combination of both myself and Dan having contracted some form of fell disease from our very own Typhoid Mary, Conor who himself remains sickeningly healthy, and our absence becomes understandable if not regrettable.

To recap the past few weeks in as few words as possible one word comes to the fore. INSANE. All three of us have begun to succumb to the routine of rehearsal and recording sessions and as such the days and weeks begin to blur together into one huge, unintelligible mess. As such the freak show rolls ever onwards, we once again delve into the realms of the studio amidst putting together new tracks, new MHTV episodes as well as a multitude of other tasks.

This past Sunday saw us once again rope our poor photographer Julia Trotti into performing a photo shoot and lots and lots of pretty pictures shall of course be forthcoming over the next few weeks along with another acoustic video clip, this time for the new track Radiowaves. Keep an eye on the blog and our Youtube channel along with Facebook page for more progress on this piece of cinematography.

Also, as some of you may already be aware, we have managed to defeat the gremlins inhabiting the interwebs for the time being and as such a new “Music” section has made it’s debut on our Facebook page. From said section you may peruse the viewing of videos and the aural delights of a few of our tracks (more yet to come, we hope you’re all as eager for them as we are!)

ohh, and some more "behind the scene" photos on twitter!

For now I retired from my musings to once more bring glory in the name of Khorne, skulls for the skull throne!


tonight - twitter - tv

So we have some incredible news that we're going to share with you all soon, we might have mentioned a little about it on twitter this morning, but the best of it hasn't come out yet. It's about this year's MH release, and tonight we will post another blog update with all the scoop! For now, episode 5 of MHTV.